Milarky (2023). Gifted by the Artist to the Stratford Community. Located on Broadway, Whakaahurangi.

  • Jordan Barnes

  • Jana Branca

  • Maria Brockhill

  • Elliot Collins

  • Rachael Davies

  • Dwayne Duthie

  • Hayley Elliott-Kernot

  • Chauncey Flay

  • Jennifer Halli

  • Reyna Henderson

  • Gwyn Hughes

  • Mi Sun Kim

  • Mary MacGregor-Reid

  • Kirsty McLean

  • Milarky

  • Harry Moores

  • Jodi Naik

  • Darcy Nicholas

  • Tania Miriama Niwa

  • Shannon Novak

  • Mikaela Nyman

  • Morgan Paige Taitoko

  • Isaac Petersen

  • Fern Petrie

  • Mark Alister Raymer

  • Sierra Roberts

  • Portia Roper

  • Maryanne Shearman

  • MB Stoneman

  • Rohan Wealleans

  • Renate Verbrugge

This exhibition is about identity. Thirty-one artists were invited to exhibit one work each. The work had to embody ‘their true self’; to reveal their point of difference, and to do so in a safe space.


The artist had to decide whether to look inward and examine themselves in a self-portrait or look outward at the way they view the world through their own creative lens. An exhibition sharing stories of youth, multi-culturalism, feminism, LGBTQI+ community, mental health journeys and environmental issues we face.


Personal. Reflective. Healing.


Yours Truly x


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