We All Think We're Good People
Main Gallery, Percy Thomson Gallery
27 May - 21 July 2022

Credit: Leben Young, Untitled Objects (2021)

Assemblage - recycled material, sand, coal.

List of Artworks featured in Main Gallery

Peter Madden, I hold up what I know with what I don't know (2022). Found photographs, pins and archival glue. 

David Le Fleming, Maui Fireguard (2022). Oil, enamel on oak fireguard. 

Garth Steeper, St George Ikon (2021). Oil on canvas. 

Garth Steeper, Coven in Flight (2021). Oil on canvas, mat frame. 

Leben Young, Untitled Object #31 (2021). Coal, varnish over cardboard and wood on board. 

Leben Young, Untitled Object #30. Paint, coal, varnish and sand over wood and styrofoam on board. 

Mary MacGregor-Reid, Why did thou not preserve my precious rose whose perfume breathed of immortality (2019). Photograph (framed). 

Sam Dollimore, Unbecoming (2019). Work on paper. 


David Le Fleming, Thinking of You (2022). Oil, enamel on fireguard. 

Tia Ranginui, Ethel and Gretal (2022). Archival print on hahnemuhle rag. $3,300

 Tia Ranginui, Cindermilla (2022). Archival print on hahnemuhle rag. 

Kayla Adams, Sun (2019). Bronze on reclaimed rimu. 

Peter Madden, We are the ones that loved across distances (2022). Found photographs, pins and archival glue. 

Garth Steeper, Highlands Study (2021). Oil on canvas. 

Kirk Nicholls, Karmatwa (2021). Carved wood, matchsticks. 

Leben Young, Untitled Object #34. Paint, sand, varnish over cardboard and wood. 

Mary MacGregor-Reid, My Sister, My Heart, My Tongue. Photograph (framed). 

Sam Dollimore, Some Orgiastic Riot or Another (2020). Work on paper. 

Sam Dollimore, Untitled (2020) Work on paper. 

Rohan Wealleans, Motherboard (2021). Acrylic on Aluminum. 

David Le Fleming, Dancing on the tongues of beasts (2022). Oil, enamel on fireguard. 

Rohan Wealleans, Mezma (2020). Acrylic on canvas. 

Seung Yul Oh, Sonority Sequence I (2022), Acrylic on linen.

Seung Yul Oh, Sonority Sequence II (2022), Acrylic on linen.

Seung Yul Oh, Sonority Sequence III (2022), Acrylic on linen. 

Artist Profiles

Peter Madden (Auckland)

Peter Madden is a New Zealand artist considers himself as a “Sculptographer”. To achieve such intricate works, patience is needed. His hands painstakingly cut out, pinned, balanced, layered and juxtaposed to create paper microcosms bursting with colour and form. Madden graduated MFA from the University of Auckland, School of Fine Arts in 2002 and currently lives and works in Auckland. He creates sculptural installations and collages from flat images – from encyclopedias, books, advertisements, and magazines – which he often refashions into spiraling three-dimensional constructions. 

Not since van Gogh lopped off his ear has an artist’s knife been put to such good use” – Tessa Laird.

Peter Madden is represented by Ivan Anthony, Auckland. For more information and preview more artworks go to:

Peter Madden — IVAN ANTHONY

Tia Ranginui (Whanganui) (Ngati Hine Oneone)

Tia Ranginui is a self-trained artist and works full-time as a gallery assistant between two galleries in Whanganui. Ranginui’s Turangawaewae (spiritual homeland, place to stand) features prominently in her work, and provides a rich, historically layered and often spooky backdrop to her diverse photographic explorations. Her exquisite photographs in Percy Thomson are dreamy, whimsical yet powerful representations of women (wahine). One scene features two women, dressed in beautiful soft tones of purple and pink, sitting in a small boat on calm waters. Most photographs by Tia depict water linking the artist back to her connection to Whanganui River. 

To see articles and more information about Tia, go to:

Tia Ranginui in Whanganui – EyeContact (eyecontactmagazine.com)

Tia Ranginui (artnow.nz)

Rohan Wealleans (New Plymouth)

His paintings can amass up to 80 layers of paint, resulting in a psychedelic, visceral, fascinating and at times repulsive surface. Rohan Wealleans completed a Master of Fine Arts in painting at the University of Auckland in 2003 and in the same year won the Waikato Art Prize. In 2006 he was the winner of the 15th Annual Wallace Art Award. Since 2001, Wealleans has exhibited regularly both in New Zealand and internationally. He is represented by Ivan Anthony, Auckland. Rohan Wealleans — IVAN ANTHONY

Rohan currently lives and works in New Plymouth. His studio and art gallery (Contemporary Art Space - CAS) is located on Powderham Street. For more information about their upcoming exhibitions or Rohan's works, visit CAS Gallery (contemporaryartspace.co.nz) 

Sam Dollimore (Masterton)

Sam's art practice searches for alternative expressions of psychosensual liberation. She constantly seeks to navigate the experience of the human body and psyche through the repetitive exploration of its shame, discomfort and anxiety. The work celebrates the body as transgressive and looks to a place where flesh might emerge transcendent. When visiting Percy Thomson Gallery to see her artworks in person, think of the hours put into these intricate drawings with pen on paper. PTG is privileged to have Sam's works in our Gallery for the first time.

For more information about Sam's artistic practice, go to:


​Kayla Adams (New Plymouth)

Bronze sculptor and polymath Kayla Adams is a local sculptor working in bronze and re-claimed wood. Inspiration for her works come from mythology, tarot, occultism, scripture, astrology and more. The tense expression of Sun suggests a catalyst for change and a force of destruction and evolution. The tarot sun “taught me to rise again”, she says, “refined by my struggles and with a clarity of purpose.” 

To see more of Kayla's incredible artworks:


​ David Le Fleming (New Plymouth)

Originally from Manawatu. After 14 years working in London, he now lives in New Plymouth. A practicing artist for over 20 years, showing work in prestigious establishments such as London’s Saatchi Gallery and Frankfurt’s Union Hall, PTG is pleased to see his re-purposed fireguards in Taranaki. Intricate and painterly – David’s works are calming and make us reflect on the passage
of time. 

David works with found objects. The aged surface of an old car bonnet or a disregarded suitcase lends contextual information and visual cues that are difficult to otherwise forge authentically. 

For more information about the Artist himself and David Le Fleming's artworks, go to:


Seung Yul Oh (Auckland)

Seung Yul Oh's instantly recognisable and idiosyncratic practice combine elements of

East Asian popular culture with ironic references to high Western art history. Oh’s painting, a formal and sometimes minimalist practice, which the artist has described as ‘musical’ and offering moments of balance and counterpoint. Seung Yul Oh works fulltime as an artist and is occasionally called on by Auckland University’s Elam School of Fine Arts to work with students. His works are represented both nationally and internationally.

He is represented by Starkwhite Gallery, Auckland.


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Mary MacGregor-Reid (Auckland)

Mary MacGregor-Reid is a video and photographic artist from Auckland, New Zealand. She has a particular interest in alchemical process and human experience of the otherworldly. Creation of the costumes and objects used in these still shots from film studies are integral to her practice. Her two exquisite photographs in Percy Thomson are a part of Mary's 'Rubedo series'.

For more information, visit Mary MacGregor-Reid's Social Media and Website:

Mary MacGregor-Reid

​ Leben Young (Dunedin)

Leben Young is a talented contemporary artist based in Dunedin. He is known for his public art installations and is well-known in "Little Edinburgh" for lighting up First Church, Dunedin with his incredible works. In Percy Thomson Leben shows multiple sculptures. They are both organic and unnatural, featuring paint, sand and coal over plastic. When looking at Leben’s work, it looks like space junk, floating through the universe. Many visitors have even made the connection to the iron sand beaches of Taranaki.

He is represented by Contemporary Art Space (CAS), New Plymouth. https://www.contemporaryartspa...

Kirk Nicholls (Whanganui)

A talented man with a chisel. Nicholls attention to detail is staggering. Our audiences have on average stood in front of this work for more than 10 minutes and often revisit it. Both his parents, Peter Nicholls and Di Ffrench are recognised for their contribution to New Zealand art circles. In Kirk's work he uses matchsticks, which are inserted into the recesses of the wood. The results are striking! His artworks tell stories steeped in mythology and focus mainly on the transient nature of time itself.

If you like his work, please follow him on his social media channels https://www.instagram.com/nich...

​Garth Steeper (Auckland)

Garth paints predominantly using glazes of olive green and red oxide lake oil over flake white underpaint. The two works side by side at Percy Thomson Gallery are dark, dynamic and full of allegory. These works contrast to his Highlands landscape, which is calm and foreboding. Garth’s works are highly collectable and represented in a range of private collections, he currently lives and paints in Auckland.

For more information about this artist or purchasing one of his works, visit CAS Gallery (contemporaryartspace.co.nz)

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