The Zen Master's Taboo - Rohan Wealleans
27 May - 21 July 2022
Gallery 2, Percy Thomson Gallery

Artist Statement

What is the Zen Master's Taboo? This is a question the candles might be asking ... "Who knows? In fact, Who really cares?," says the Zen Master. The candles are an exploration in matter and function. A candle must burn. A painting and sculpture can burn but it is not usually designed to do so. 


You do the maths.

- Rohan Wealleans (2022)

Candles situated in Rohan Wealleans' New Plymouth Studio 

(Photo Credit: Hannah Doherty, taken May 2022).

Gallery Images of Rohan Wealleans' candles @PTG, Stratford

Image Credit: Justin Jade Morgan (2022).

Percy Thomson Gallery is proud to exhibit Rohan's new series of works, never before seen outside of his New Plymouth studio. These works are experimental and have been produced over the last seven months. Nearly 100 candles glow in his solo exhibition and produces a beautiful aroma in the space. All candles are for sale during this exhibition, which ends 21 July. All sales enquiries, please direct them to


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