Taranaki Arts Trail
Preview 2023

23rd September - 15th October

Although the Taranaki Arts Trail is now part of the Taranaki Garden Festival calendar later in the year, the annual exhibition retains its time-slot in the middle of the year.

The exhibition, with one work from each Trail artist, provides an opportunity for people to get a feel for the artist’s work and decide whether they would like to visit the artist’s open studio during the Festival.

During the Taranaki Arts Trail in October visitors will be treated to an up-close and personal experience. Whether it’s a purpose-built studio, workshop or dining room table, the artist’s space is open to anyone who wants to lift the lid on how all types of art is created.

There is a refreshingly broad spectrum of career stages, from the emerging artist through to the established and world-renowned, using all manner of methods and materials. 

Right around the maunga (mountain) there are so many studios to discover, and if last year is anything to go by, it will be hard to pick a favourite. Visitors can lap up the majestic scenery as they hop from studio to studio on their voyage of artistic discovery, enjoying the warm hospitality that Taranaki folk are famous for.

All artwork is offered for sale during this exhibition. It is available to take home at the end of its time at Percy Thomson Gallery.

A selection of works

For more artists, visit the Taranaki Arts Trail website ▶︎

Oakura Strawflowers

Beth Armstrong

Watercolour and Pencil


A Mothers Love

Penny Brooks

Photograph on canvas


Baby Blue

Rhonda Crawford

Acrylic on Canvas



Claire Jensen

Wood, pigments



Mike Brown



Tendrils - 'Like the good deeds of nurturing people, tree roots are unseen, yet they feed the plant.'

Moana Pouri (Dark Ocean)

Shannon Lucy-Baker

Oil on Canvas


Arakamu Harakeke

Mark Bellringer

Oil on Canvas


May Snow Dump - 2023

Amy Taunt




Rosemary Petterson

Acrylic on board



Kris White

Acrylic on Canvas


Still from a Punk Video

Rebecca Beyer

Acrylic on Canvas



Sarah Tullett

Cast silver with silver and ruby charm



Flo Blyde



Lie of the Land

Howard Tuffery

NZ Kauri Wood and Enamel paint



Carmel Boone

Mixed Media Acrylic


Dance Me Until the End

Sam Eva

Acrylic on MDF


Joe (2023)

Jana Branca

Oil and Acrylic on canvas



Ian Lewis

Digital Print


Foam and Light

Tony Brooks




Amy Brennan



A Heartfelt Offering for Snake Wife

Alice Cowdrey

Needle felted, knitted and Stitched


Simply Blooming

Sandra Spence

Fused Glass, Ceramic


Moment of Glory

Pippa Lugg



Blue Mood II

Lester Earl

Mixed Media


Memories Within

Amanda Hewlett

Acrylic on canvas panel


Taranaki Mounga

Janine Deller




Brigitte Calloway



Dare to be Different

Henriette Reason

Fluid Acrylic


Copper Dilly

Gayleen Schrider

Copper Wire



Gabrielle Fawkner

Harakeke and Earth Pigment woodblock collage



Ian Calloway



Summer Flax

Cathy Campbell-Smart

Mixed Media


Somewhere Out There

Jodi Naik

Acrylic and Ink on Canvas


War Bunny

Eva Collins

Acrylic on canvas


The Affidavit of Plight

Dale Copeland

Assemblage of Found Objects


Her Favourite Blue Raincoat is Worn at the Shoulders

Sally Johnson

Mixed Media Assemblage



Krismarlianti Donaldson

Oil on Canvas


Mt Taranaki

Barbara Crow

Needle Felted


Stormy Lake

Sharon Makie-Langton

Photography - indoor/outdoor


The Back Roads

Karen Dey

Acrylic on Canvas



Suzan Kostanich

Laminated merino/kozo fibres, acrylic, ink, paint, gold thread and crystal beads


Urenui Beach

Helen McLorinan



Go with the Flow

Rob Wright

Handcrafted teal sapphire ring, 9ct yellow gold



Belinda Lubkoll

Handcrafted with engraved elements and 5 diamonds


The Lighthouse

Kelly Dobbs

Ball-point pen


X and O

Deb Williams

Encaustic on plaster



Volker Hawighorst



Blooming Marvelous

Lesley Dowding

Mixed Media Photography - Indoor/Outdoor


Rainbow Pot

Anthea Stayt

Oil paint on stoneware clay


Rose I

Sheryl Goble




Renate Verbrugge

Kairuru Marble NZ on Taranaki Andesite bench


Twelve Hours to Elfinwild

Jennifer Halli

Woodblock and Collagraph on Thai Kozo, ink, pigment, 24k gold leaf


Double Compass

Richard Landers

Laminated Glass


Woman among the Flowers

Tanya Paton

Acrylic on Canvas


The Watchers

Wayne Morris

Mixed Media Assemblage


A Bird in the Hand

Karen Waterson



Hydrangea Paniculata Limelight

Michelle Rowland

Oil on Canvas


The Vulture

Tasha Waterson

Copper pipe, copper wire


Uprising Movements

Jan Huijbers

Acrylic on canvas


Our Mountain

Lindsay Maindonald



Shark Stingray Vase

Juliet Larkin



Taranaki Milky Way Arch

Brendan Larsen

ACM Metal Print


Morning Haze

Simon Raine

Oil on Canvas


Upekka - Equanimity

Teresa Goodin

Archival Art Print


If I Fall I Get Up Again

Jo Stallard

Mixed Media on Strathmore paper: Oil, Goil Foil, Chalk, Charcoal, Graphite


Paper Satan

David Le Fleming

Oil on canvas


Over and Under, Over and Under

Jeanette Verster

Acrylic on linen on paper


Look Forward to Look Back

Pantea Rastegari

Charcoal Powder on wood board


Country Garden #5

Brenda Cash

Mixed Media



Tony Waterson

Swamp Rimu and Rata


The Contortionist

Kirsty McLean

Oil on Canvas


Ms Smith

Tony Rumball

Oil on stretched canvas


Don't Let Me Hold You Up

Mikaela Nyman

Paper Lithography, Solarplate, Chine Colle, Biochar


Matres Hortus #102

Joni Murphy

Watercolour and Ink



Portia Roper

Collage and Embroidery


Poppies in Another Place

Margaret Scott

Mixed Media


Mika 6:8

Theresa Tongi

Oil and wax on canvas


Huia Erased

Anna Scott

Sealed Chalk on contae on recycled chalk board


Autumn Splendour

Robyn Smaller



Bird of Paradise

Hayley Elliott-Kernot

Oil and Gold Leaf


Birds Only Bath

Patti Cocker



Paua Shell

Paul Burgham

Hebel Block, Stained Glass



Phil Taylor

Mixed Timber


Spikey Monolith

Rohan Wealleans

Acrylic and polystyrene 


Counting Sheep

Susie Harrop

Oil on canvas


Monochrome Vessel

Maria Brockhill

Clay and Glazes



Rachael Davies



Crown Lynn

Carina McQueen

Oil on panel


Giraffe Weevil

Laurel Davis

Mixed Media Sculpture


The Clock is Ticking

Kaye Anderson



Roxicards - Advent Calendar

Roxane White

Mixed Media


Relic Basket

Gaye Atkinson

Multi Fired Raku


Ideation II

Janet Belton



High Noon - Te Pou o te Ra

Karen Clark

Harakeke and Teri Dyes


Continue Yum Too

Ché Rogers 

Acrylic, perspex morior, two-way glass, aluminum, led


From the Ocean to the Mountain

Sobranie Ngarin



Mt Ruapehu in Winter

Rodney Dunlop



Blue Kintsugi

Amanda Doughty



View from my Kitchen Window

Derek Hughes

Photography and recycled window


10th anniversary of Open Studios in Taranaki

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