What's on

What's on

15 November – 8 December 2019

The Stratford Arts Society exhibition, is a vibrant, exciting, and eclectic mix of artwork and tends to fill every spare corner we have.

This exhibition boasts approximately 250 works, most for sale, and showcases the diverse talents and skill-base of the group’s members.

The Stratford Art Society plays a pivotal role in fostering the arts in the Stratford region and further afield. It organises workshops for its members and encourages social events where members can build relationships with other like-minded people.

The spring exhibition is made up of a wide range of works including pottery, jewellery, prints, photography, original paintings, sculpture, fibre, textiles, woodwork and crafts.Prices are always reasonable and individuality and creativity abounds.

The society is enjoying continued vitality at the moment with increasing membership, with more than 200 members, and with interest from artists from as far afield as Wellington and the Waikato.

The groups also supports and encourages artists, both emerging and established, at local, regional and national levels. Members are all ages, all backgrounds and a myriad of different styles and medium.

Stratford Art Society is fortunate to have so many different artists, from such different backgrounds, producing art in so many different mediums.

The opening event, particularly, allows artists who often work in isolation to meet up and network, strengthening the connections in the district’s art community.

Towards Tomorrow by Ian Axtell

Hooked by Christine Chesswass

Taranaki by Arno de Vaan

Woven scarf by Maree Liddington, pendant by Voniiques Bijoux

Nin's Bin, Kaikoura by Kerry Walker

Feeding Frenzy by Margaret Bailey

Penny the Highland by Jill Evans

Tuty Spring by Christine Chesswass

Struggle by Cherie Dodds

Ladies by Cecilie Elliott

Handmade felt cloche by Jessica Taunt

Games by Lois Parkes

Rhonda Bunyan

Teapots by Margaret Foley

Florafauna, Collage and Sourpuss by Cherol Filbee

Four and twenty by Sue Ellis

Robyn Smaller

Tony Rumball

Wrap by Bernice Mitchell

Tom and Tui by Vicki Price

Martian flowers by Rick Wood


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