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Eve, 1882, by Auguste Rodin. Purchased 1959 with Lindsay Buick Bequest funds.
CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. Te Papa (1959-0029-1)


Remembering Rodin

Toured by Te Papa Tongarewa, Museum of New Zealand

21 February – 26 April, 2020 

‘Remembering Rodin’, showcases New Zealand’s most significant Rodin sculpture, Eve.

 Eve was completed by the French Master sculptor in 1882 and 15 bronze copies were cast from it in 1959 (one of which was purchased by the National Museum of New Zealand, now Te Papa). 

The bronze is 75cm tall and weighs 22 kg. 

The sculpture comes to the gallery from Te Papa Tongarewa’s collection. The exhibition includes a lithographic portrait of Rodin(1914) by his famous contemporary Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and a rare leather-bound edition of Gustav Coquiot’s Rodin (Paris 1915) with 15 hand-tipped photographs. 

A short video accompanying the exhibition tells the story of Eve and the process of casting the bronzes.

21 February – 26 April, 2020, Gallery 1

Bunyan is curating an exhibition of Taranaki artists who she sees to be pushing artistic boundaries with the development of new techniques, style or concept. The exhibition will include a number of Taranaki sculptors.


Engram: Memory Trace
Rhonda Bunyan

21 February – 26 April, 2020: Gallery 2

In this photographic exhibition Rhonda Bunyan explores the nature of shapes, patterns and shadows in water and sand, to create ghostly black and white images, luminous and dreamlike, akin to what she perceives ‘memory traces’ to be in her own brain.

Engrams are a hypothetical means by which memory traces are stored as physical or biochemical change in the brain (and other neural tissue) in response to external stimuli. The existence of engrams is posited by some scientific theories to explain the persistence of memory and how memories are stored in the brain.


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