Percy Thomson Gallery Presents:

Exhibition Opening 3 - 26 February

Both Dwayne and Ewan's Official Preview is Friday 3 February, 6pm at Percy Thomson Gallery. Come and meet the artists in person!

Dwayne Duthie will be presenting his latest series of works in Gallery TWO.

About The Artist

Dwayne is an artist with works in painting, video, audio and projection.  Dwayne's paintings use modernist and contemporary techniques and subject that looks at the state of the human condition. Dwayne's video/projection works are experiments, working off aesthetic changes to recorded footage, which allows the creation of multiple versions of a work. 

These new works will feature in Dwayne's solo exhibition 'Double Edged Sword' in Gallery TWO. They are big, bold and experimental. You'll also find these works will have an interesting cohesion with Ewan McDougall's exhibition in the Main Gallery, at the same time.


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