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21 August – 13 September 2020 Gallery 1

The Adam Portraiture Award is New Zealand’s premier portraiture prize. Supported by the Adam Foundation this biennial award highlights the power of portraiture and celebrates New Zealanders and the portrait painters who represent them.

This exhibition showcases the 50 artworks that were shortlisted from hundreds of entries by judges, Karen Quinlan, Director of the National Portrait Gallery of Australia, and Linda Tyler, convenor of Museums and Cultural Heritage at the University of Auckland.

The winning artist receives $20,000 and the winning artwork becomes part of the New Zealand Portrait Gallery’s permanent collection. The Second Prize winner and People’s Choice Award winner receive $2,500 each.

Hayley Elliott-Kernot
First Solo Exhibition

 21 August – 13 September 2020 Gallery 2

"The common thread that influences all my creative work is ‘stories’. Reading, telling and re-telling tales has always been an integral part of my life; from my love of reading and making up fantasy worlds when I was young, to illustrating children’s books, to my continuing passion for mythology, history and legends.

Portraits are the main subject for my artwork because I am drawn to faces. For me, a person’s face is like the cover of a book, concealing years’ worth of stories all intricately entwined to weave the fabric of who they are. In every human there are countless strands; love, hope, pain, fear, friendship, and a face is the doorway for the greatest and most complex tale of all.  

These portraits, as a group, also tell a combined story of diversity and equality. Each work depicts women from all different cultures, trends and sexuality, painted in multiple styles and mediums. They construct a narrative of a society where differences, instead of being used as a tool for segregation, can, for the first time in history, join together to build a greater civilization, one of unity, of equality, of sustainability… a civilization where everyone, regardless of gender, race, age, religion, or sexuality can flourish. As yet, this is just a story, but depending on the choices made now, this story can become a history."

Hayley Elliott-Kernot, Lovers, Oil

Hayley Elliott-Kernot, The Green Lady
Print of original pastel painting $120

Hayley Elliott-Kernot, Mnemosyne, Ink

Hayley Elliott-Kernot, Woman in Blue, Oil
$650  SOLD

Hayley Elliott-Kernot, Woman in Blue, Oil
$550  SOLD

Hayley Elliott-Kernot, Grecian Woman
Gouache $110

Hayley Elliott-Kernot, The Seamstress. The Weaver. The Sweeper. 
Linocut Print $110 eachSOLD (The Seamstress)

Hayley Elliott-Kernot, Barbara, Ink


Hayley Elliott-Kernot, Dorothy, Ink

Hayley Elliott-Kernot, Wahine, Print of original pastel painting. $120SOLD

Hayley Elliott-Kernot, Ink Portrait 4


Hayley Elliott-Kernot, Ink Portrait 6

Hayley Elliott-Kernot, Portrait 1
Linocut Print. $180


Hayley Elliott-Kernot, Portrait 3
Linocut Print. $180


Hayley Elliott-Kernot, Portrait 4
Linocut Print. $180SOLD

Hayley Elliott-Kernot, A Colourful Life, Oil $690

Hayley Elliott-Kernot, Flapper 2
Print of original oil painting. $120

Hayley Elliott-Kernot, Flapper, Oil, $390SOLD


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