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What's on
How Bizarre 'Scarlet Flower' by Christine Macdonald (detail)

How Bizarre 'Scarlet Flower' by Christine Macdonald (detail)

Aotearoa Quilters Taranaki

And Aotearoa Quilters’ travelling Suitcase Exhibition.

27 June – 19 July 2020

Aotearoa Quilters Taranaki are hosting an exhibition of work from more than 20 local members of the national association. Joining the exhibition are 20 selected ‘suitcase’ quilts from the National Quilting Symposium held in Auckland in October last year. The Suitcase Exhibition comprises small art quilts, approximately 50cm square. Most regions from throughout the country are represented. 

Taranaki members have been working on two challenges for the exhibition; a Clarice Cliff challenge and another titled, ‘Structures’.

There are also a handful of larger bed-size quilts on display.

The exhibition demonstrate a wide variety of techniques and skills, both traditional and modern, in their art quilts.

Please enjoy details from a selection of quilts from all sections of the exhibition.

Bijin-Ga (Beauty), by Christine Macdonald (detail)


Parisienne Autumn, by Jacqui Hale (detail)

Vanessa Enjoys Cocoa, by Allison Rice-Korban (detail)


New Zealand Landscape, by Kaye Shewry (detail) 


City Limits Jigsaw, by Wendy Sorrenson (detail)


Beginnings, by Cindy Dobbin (detail)

Effervescence, by Nadja Guery (detail)


Summertime, by Jennifer Patterson (detail)


Clarice Cliff Visits Taranaki, by Maree Rogers (detail)


Weatherboard Gothic, by Rae Van't Hof (detail)

A Taste of Liberation, by Paula Cole (detail)


He Tohu o Paerangi 2, by Merrilyn George (detail)



Assumptions, by Debby Williams (detail)



Abigail, by Larraine Williams (detail)


Build With Wood, by Jennifer Patterson (detail)


Little Sparrow In The Mandala Garden, by Melissa Burdon (detail)


A Leap of Faith, by Cindy Dobbin (detail)


Missing Pieces, by Shirley Sparks (detail)         


Scrapbook Construction, by Maree Rogers (detail)


Birds of a Feather – Kereru, by Jill Bowman (detail)


You Can't Beat Wellington On A Good Day, by Rayna Clinton (detail)


Memories Revisited, by Jacqui Hale (detail) 


Smart Lookup, by Bev Smart, (detail)


Autumn Harvest, by Paula Cole (detail)


Drought Vases, Maria Brockhill, Ceramics, $200 set of 3

Drought Vases, Maria Brockhill, Ceramics, $200 set of 3

Maria Brockhill, clay artist

Guest exhibitor

Maria’s vibrant highly glazed works in clay, both hand-moulded and wheel-thrown, are often heavily textured with vivid glazes. Many of her large works are sculptural in form, usually with a rugged or imprinted exterior. 

She is also well-known for large commanding centrepiece bowls, waka and urns.
Maria finds inspiration in the rugged land and seascapes around Bell Block on the North Taranaki coast where she lives. Her work can be found in international collections.

Emerald Stamp Bowls, Maria Brockhill, Ceramics, $95 set of 2


Aquanet Bowl, Maria Brockhill, Ceramics, 160mm (h) $350


Fernery Bowl, Maria Brockhill, Ceramics, 160mm (h) $350


Coastal Vase, Maria Brockhill, Ceramics.
460mm (h) $500


Coral Pot, Maria Brockhill, Ceramics
330mm (h) $400 SOLD


Mangati Vase, Maria Brockhill, Ceramics
380mm (h) $500


Charcoal Rustic Bowl, Maria Brockhill, Ceramics, 60mm (h) $140


Emerald Stamp Bowl, Maria Brockhill, Ceramics, 110mm (h) $220


Balls Vase, Maria Brockhill, Ceramics, 200mm (h) $100

Pepper Pot, Maria Brockhill, Ceramics, 140mm (h) $95


Koru Pot – Emerald
Maria Brockhill
Ceramics, 510mm (h) $900


Koru Vase – Sapphire
 Maria Brockhill
Ceramics, 360mm (h) $600


Emerald Flower Vase
 Maria Brockhill, Ceramics
360mm (h) $600


Iris Spikey Bowl, Maria Brockhill, Ceramics, 110mm (h) $250 SOLD


Turquoise Stamp Bowl, Maria Brockhill, Ceramics, 110mm (h) $240


Ngahere, Maria Brockhill, Ceramics, 180mm H, $450 SOLD


Florida Bowl, Maria Brockhill, Ceramics, 160mm (h) $350


Skyfall Bowl, Maria Brockhill
Ceramics, 180mm (h) $450

Wanaka Vase, Maria Brockhill
Ceramics, 310mm (h) $500


Whenua, Maria Brockhill, Ceramics, 180mm (h) $450

Platinum Vase, Maria Brockhill
Ceramics, 360mm (h) $375


Turquoise Flower Vase, Maria Brockhill
Ceramics, 320mm (h) $400


Textural Pot with Bumps, Maria Brockhill
Ceramics, $500


Meadow, Brenda Cash, Mixed media, 405mm x 1215mm $850

Meadow, Brenda Cash, Mixed media, 405mm x 1215mm $850

Brenda Cash

27 June – 19 July

Brenda is well-known for her mixed media works featuring colourful vibrant floral creations where the subjects jump out at you from the canvas. Her works are joyous and uplifting. Brenda has fun with her art exploring colour and processes, often experimental and adventurous.

Sunshine, Brenda Cash, Mixed media
510mm x 400mm $300


Remembrance, Brenda Cash, Mixed media
510 x 400 $300


Twilight Garden, Brenda Cash
Mixed media


Summer Glow, Brenda Cash
Mixed media
915 x 455 $1000


The Visitor, Brenda Cash
Mixed media
$850 SOLD


The Monarch, Brenda Cash, Mixed media  505mm x 1010mm $950


Peace, Brenda Cash
Mixed Media
$380 SOLD


The Rose Border, Brenda Cash, Mixed media, 460mm x 610mm $400


Roses, Brenda Cash, Mixed Media 510mm x 400mm $300


Colour Wave, Brenda Cash
Mixed Media
600mm x 300mm $380


Forget me not, Brenda Cash
Mixed Media
920mm x 300mm $480



The Messenger, Brenda Cash
Mixed media
915mm x 455mm $1000




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