Taranaki Arts Trail Exhibition

Thursday 28 May – Saturday 20 June 2020

Percy Thomson Gallery is hosting the 2020 Taranaki Arts Trail exhibition. 

The Taranaki Arts Trail has been postponed due Covid-19 restrictions and will now be part of the Taranaki Garden Festival events, 30/31 October and 1 November.

Due to our full programme of exhibitions this year we were unable to accommodate the Arts Trail in its new October time-slot.

The exhibition features one piece of work from most of the registered artists on the Trail.

It is an excellent opportunity for Trail visitors to view each artist’s work to decide which studios they would like to visit later in the year. All artwork is for sale. 

Cool stores, by Kris White, Acrylic

During the Taranaki Arts Trail in October visitors will be treated to an up-close and personal experience. Whether it’s a purpose-built studio, workshop or dining room table, the artist’s space is open to anyone who wants to lift the lid on how all types of art is created. Some ‘old’ faces are returning to the Trail this year and there are a number of artistic newbies who will stir the mix.

There is a refreshingly broad spectrum of career stages, from the emerging artist through to the established and world-renowned, using all manner of methods and materials. Visitors will see some finished works and can also investigate the artistic process; material, vision, philosophy etc.
Right around the mountain there are so many studios to discover, and if last year is anything to go by, it will be hard to pick a favourite. Visitors can lap up the majestic scenery as they hop from studio to studio on their voyage of artistic discovery, enjoying the warm hospitality that Taranaki folk are famous for.

Admission is free to the studios / workshops.

Visit the Taranaki Arts Trail website.

Going viral in unprecedented times
by Maryanne van Roij, Ceramic
$250 SOLD

Big Blue, by Ché Rogers, Acrylic on ACM

Thermometer, by Anne Holliday, Mixed media $750


A soft touch, by Tony Rumball, Oil $5500

The Last Tree, by Melissa Marriott, Mixed media

Shopping for fur, by Alice Cowdrey
Needle-felted, knitted, mixed media

Wellside gang, by Jill Evans, Acrylic $380


Layers from Ruapehu, by Amy Taunt, Photograph $480 framed


Granny's Garden in full bloom, by Brenda Cash, Mixed Media

Nokuthula—Peace & Tranquility, by Marie Mummery, Sculpture
$150 SOLD

Undone, by Jana Branca, Oil on canvas $4000


Bronzed, by Ian Calloway, Oil $850


Relaxing in style, by Hayley Elliott-Kernot, Oil $990


Zebra by Andrew Doehring
Ink and paint

Daydream, by Kate Maree Thomas
Bitumen Paper Silhouettes Collection

Southern Angel Kopuatama Cemetery
by Tony Carter Photograph

Oakura evening, by Ian Axtel, Acrylic $1500


Sea to sky, by Jeanette Parker, Resin, mica and acrylic $150 SOLD


Plenty, by Susan Imhasly, Merino and Bergschaf wool $350


Flight, by Maree Liddington, Fibre (Saori woven) $195 SOLD

Taurus, by Teresa Goodin, Archival fine art print, $650 framed

Edith, by Amy Brennan, Ceramic

Textural pot with bumps, by Maria Brockhill, Pottery

NZ Giraffe Weevil, male,  by Laurel Davis, Copper and brass solder $280 SOLD


'I live with ease' Stingray, by Mike Brown
Bone with goat horn inlaid eyes, complemented by a native totara keep-box
designed and created by Geoffrey Young $625

Local landscape, by Howard Tuffery, Taranaki andesite $3800


Autumn hues, by Carina McQueen, Oil on panel

Summer bliss, by Jade Liang, Oil

Paua, by Suzanne Bloch-Jorgensen, Ceramic $220


My mountain, my roots, by Vicky Taylor, Wood-burning $1400 (framed)


A kereru in my garden, Margaret Scott, Acrylic $2800


The transience of our reflected memories, by Derek Hughes, Photograph $2345


Colours of the coast, by Rhonda Crawford, Acrylic on canvas $1850


Lost, by Chris Hill, Photograph printed on archival matt paper $750


The storyteller, by Henriette Reason, Fluid acrylics $650

Rainbow pot, by Anthea Stayt
Oil on stoneware clay


Untitled, by Geoffrey Young, Wood


Aurelia Paula Coleman
Mixed media sculpture
$165 SOLD

Supplejack, by Mark Bellringer, Photograph $525


Mad cow, by Dwayne Duthie, Arcylic on wood $300


Tugging along, by Brian Cocker, Pottery $165 SOLD

Guardian 2, by Debby Keay, Cast glass $280


Still living life in full bloom, by Kristina Weston, OMM Benches $750 each

Fragmented Dreams, by Amanda Hewlett
Acrylic on canvas

Reflection, by Yolanda Scholten,
Graphite and acrylic


Tui, by Karen Waterson, Acrylic on canvas board

Safety in numbers, by Lee Rapira, Mixed media $550


Three fat ladies, by Lois Parkes, Pottery $160 SOLD


Caramel Princess, by Lisa Newsome Oil


Breakfast set, Janeen Page, Pottery

Contemplation, by Viv Davy, Mixed media



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