Taranaki Arts Trail Exhibition

Friday 24 May – Sunday 16 June 2019

Percy Thomson Gallery is hosting the 2019 Taranaki Arts Trail exhibition. There is a gala opening this Friday night at 7pm including the 84 artists who are opening their homes and studios to the public for the 2019 Trail experience.

The exhibition features one piece of work from each of the registered artists on the Trail.

It is an excellent opportunity for Trail visitors to view each artist’s work to decide which studios they would like to visit. All artwork is for sale. 

The Taranaki Arts Trail artists will open their studios to the public on the extended weekend of June 8, 9 and 10. Visitors will be treated to an up-close and personal experience. Whether it’s a purpose-built studio, workshop or dining room table, the artist’s space is open to anyone who wants to lift the lid on how all types of art is created. Some ‘old’ faces are returning to the Trail this year and there are a number of artistic newbies who will stir the mix.

There is a refreshingly broad spectrum of career stages, from the emerging artist through to the established and world-renowned, using all manner of methods and materials. Visitors will see some finished works and can also investigate the artistic process; material, vision, philosophy etc.
Right around the mountain there are so many studios to discover, and if last year is anything to go by, it will be hard to pick a favourite. Visitors can lap up the majestic scenery as they hop from studio to studio on their voyage of artistic discovery, enjoying the warm hospitality that Taranaki folk are famous for.
Admission is free to the studios/workshops. To help plan your tour the Trail has been divided geographically to north, east, south and west regions. Percy Thomson Gallery will be open at the earlier time of 9.30am and close at 4.30pm on the Trail weekend. Brochures are available here at the gallery.


Visit the Taranaki Arts Trail website.

Sculpture / Jewellery / Ceramics

The Parting Forest, Richard Landers, Laminated float glass, $2975

Nearing Light, Rob Wright, Jewellery, $1460

Raster, Belinda Lubkoll-Young, Jewellery, $520

Ringbox, Lynn Spencer. Porcelain, $55 SOLD

Three Plates, Mike Spencer, Porcelain, $120

 Local Landform, Howard Tuffery, Taranaki andesite, $4800

Sacrament, Joshua Sands, Polymer clay, acrylic paint, $700

Siren, Brigitte Calloway, Porcelain sculpture, $190

Sneak peek , Garry Cole, Polystyrene coated with coloured concrete overlay, $680

Kereru, Suzanne Bloch-Jorgensen, Ceramic, $245 SOLD

Nature will Prevail, Maryanne van Roij, Porcelain, $280

Ceramic Vessel, Maria Brockhill, Clay and glazes, $750 SOLD

Itive Harken, Geoffrey Young, Elm and ash, $845

Bowl with large plate, Janeen Page, Stoneware, $90 set

Fat Cat, Robyn Smaller, Stoneware pottery, $75 SOLD

Reaching for the Stars, Tony Waterson, Marcrocarpa, $745

Follow me, Patti Cocker, Clay, $195 set SOLD

Plan B, Marita Green, Earthenware, $90

Hang us up or place down, Brian Cocker, Clay, $185 set SOLD

Lesleigh, Cecilie Elliott, Ceramic, $110

Guardian of the Garden, Chris Wells, Ponga, paint, resin, $1400

Mixed media

Compound Cluster Fit, David Le Fleming, Oil on fiberglass car part (MG Midget Racer), $8800

Legend, Shannon Duthie, Acrylic and markers on board, $550

P–Sea #3, Volker Hawighorst, Polystyrene, Polished shell fragments, $1111.11

Huhu Beetle, Laurel Davis, Mixed media, $300 SOLD

Tragedy in Repose, Jeanette Benton, Mixed Media, $300

Come Fly with Me, Chris McLean, Assemblage, $400

The Proposition, John McLean, Mixed media on paper, $1800

Just Two, Lester Earl, Mixed media, $990

Waiting in Line, Kris White, Mixed media, $1250

The Humble Prayer, Celeste Cole, Acrylic and ink on English Elm, $499

Colourful, Brenda Cash, Mixed media, $300

Rudiment, Amanda Keat, Coloured Pencil and acrylic on paper, $1650

Hello again, Shari Corbett-Dwyer, Mixed media, $188

Alice through the Looking Glass, Lois Parkes, Crockery mosaic and mixed media, $180

I Prefer Taranaki Myself, Wayne Morris, Mixed media assemblage, $750

Priceless, Poetry, mixed media, $180



The Landing, Donna O'Donoghue, Surreal digital, $425


Waiting In Line, Henriette Reason, Fluid acrylics, $450

Falling Leaves, Ian Axtell, Acrylic on canvas, $1250

Botanica, Carina McQueen, Oil on panel, $1250

Fridays, Charlotte Giblin, Acrylic on canvas, $1200

Scratch, Che Rogers, Acrylic on recycled aluminium composite panel, $2300 SOLD


Just a glimpse, Janferie Leighton, Acrylic, $750

Olivia, Jana Branca, Oil, $3000

Our Mountain, Karen Waterson, Acrylic, $315

In Step, Ian Calloway, Oil on panel, $350

Paul Carrington, Jo Stallard, Alla prima oil on canvas, $525

Walk on the Wild Side, Rhonda Crawford, Acrylic, $6000

Summit's Beauty, Humphries Castle, Lindsay Maindonald, Oil, $495

Kereru in the Shadow of Taranaki, Jayeta Valentine, Acrylic, $990

Browsing, Rebecca Beyer, Acrylic, $250

Matres Hortus #17, Joni Murphy, Watercolour and ink, $920

Lilies and Hydrangea 2, Margaret Scott, Acrylic, $6500

Flowers in Universe, Misun Kim, Korean traditional ink, acrylic and gold on HwaSunJi (Paper), $10,000

Eltham Aspect of Mt Taranaki, Kevin Betteridge, Oil, $3500

Tataraimaka Hall, Linda McFetridge, Acrylic on Board, $2,500

Afternoon Glow, Fern Parmemtier, Oil, $480

Roller Disco 2009, Rohan Wealleans, Paint on paper, $2,900

White's Beach, Santorini, Greece, Isaac Petersen, Oil on canvas, $3400

2 E, Phil Jones, Aerosol and acrylic on board, $2860

Guitar Girls, Dwayne Duthie, Oil, $650


Storm Clearing, Douglas Reid, Acrylic on canvas, $227.50 SOLD

A Misunderstanding, Tony Rumball, Oil, $3300


Our Chickens, Andrew Doehring, Ink, $110 SOLD

Tongaporutu Three, Valma Taylor, Watercolour, $355

Drawing / Pastel / Pyrography

Ngā pīwakawaka titakataka, Anna Scott, Pencil on ply, $900

Sing it loud and sing it proud, Vicky Taylor, Pyrography, $1300

Flora Botanica, Hayley Elliot-Kernot, Pencil, $290

What is for Dinner, Chris Cockitt, Pastel on art spectrum paper, $680

Gold, Phoebe Chong, Ink/paint, $100

Freedom, Pantea Rastegari, Charcoal on paper, $3000


Cocky! Mark Dwyer, Photography, $475

Mount Taranaki from Ruapehu, Amy Taunt, Photography, $580

Ngaere Dairy Factory, Tony Carter, Photography, $1450 SOLD

The Evolution of Connection, Connor Smith, Photography on acrylic, $750

Tunnel, Mark Bellringer, Photography, $695

Untitled, Fay Looney, Print on Aluminium, $1150

Hakatere, Canterbury, Chris Hill, Photograph, $750


Kingfisher Blue, Janette Theobald, Merino and silk felted tunic, $210 SOLD

Horizons, Susan Imhasly, Felted black and white merino wool, $650

Chromesthesia — hearing sound as colour, Beth Pottinger-Hockings, Felted wall hanging, $690

Homage, Fiona Clark, Hessian sack, $1000

Vietnam Reflections, Maree Liddington, Tapestry weaving, $695



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