Friday 19 July – Sunday 11 August

An eclectic mix of Taranaki-flavoured art spanning 30 years

New Plymouth artist Jan Huijbers has brought together a number of well-known Taranaki artists, as well as a couple of imports with a strong Taranaki connection, under one umbrella for an upcoming exhibition titled ‘Artocracy’.

The exhibition has been percolating in Jan’s mind for some time as he feels there aren’t many opportunities within the province where ‘celebrated’ local artists can exhibit their work en masse, to enrich the artistic appreciation and understanding of our local community, to provide a window into what makes the local art world click, like a jigsaw with a number of odd-shaped and individualistic shapes which magically comes together as an artistic map for our artistic realm.

This exhibition, with 52 artists selected by Huijbers, will reflect the ‘soul’ work of these professional local artists, representing years of expression through art, each as individualistic as the artist who is creating the work. Artists are asked to select ‘meaningful’ pieces, meaningful to them personally. 

Huijbers says the ‘intention’ of his own work is to make the viewer aware of the need to take care of our environment, especially our vast blue Pacific beauty. Migrating to Aotearoa in 1983 from the Netherlands, Jan has since adopted the Pacific influence and develops his own insights of its methodologies.

Huijbers has created the exhibition, calling on some well-known and celebrated names including Michael Smithers, Marianne Muggeridge, Dale Copeland, Paul Hutchison, Filipe Tohi and Roger Morris. Added to this fine art mix are a number of relatively new emerging artists, who have caught Huijber’s attention.

Some artists may be left wondering why they have missed the short list, but this is also a personal journey by Huijbers who has selected artists who have touched him in some way, who have influenced him, or drawn his admiration. He is, after all, the curator.

Adoration with three fools and gardener, John McLean, Oil on canvas, $12000
850 x 1000 mm

Down the Stony River, Alby Carter, Oil, $3000
770 x 930 mm

The Velvet Ribbon, Fern Petrie
Oil on canvas with archival pen, $7500
153 x 91.5 cm

Lizard in Tophat, Andrew Doehring, Etching, $220
70 x 50 cm

Another tropical garden, Margaret Scott, Acrylic on canvas, $4200

Blue crowd, Peter Lambert, Framed screenprint, $650
280 x 600 mm

Recordings 11, Amanda Hewlett, Mixed media on paper, $2500
750 x 1000 mm

Indulgence, Linda McFetridge
Acrylic and resin on board, $3100
1200 x 1200 mm

Surviving the four elements and celebrating life itself, Barry Te Whatu & Haoro Hond, 2019
Black granite, acrylic paint, $2400

Jove Black, Che Rogers, Acrylic on board, $2500

The Ballad of Oran Mor, Carl Fairweather, Assemblage, $650
74 x 74 cm

Back swimmer, Marianne Muggeridge
Oil and oil stick on linen, $12000
2200 x 1200 mm

Elementary basics, Jan Huijbers, Acrylic on canvas, $2800
820 x 1200 mm


Gloria, Peter Lambert, Framed screenprint, $650
440 x 320 mm

Jennie Jacques in Carrington Road, Graham Kirk
Acrylic on board, $11430
1050 x 1440 mm

Adam, Jana Branca, Oil on plywood framed, $3500
1230 x 1030 mm

Matres Hortus Series #8, Joni Murphy, Watercolour and Ink, $840

Window to an enchanted forest, Derek Hughes, Framed photograph, $2250
1060 x 720mm

Multi culture art entwined, Jan Huijbers
Acrylic on canvas, $1200

Ancestral Warrior, Darcy Nicholas, Acrylic, $6000
51 x 51 cm

Moturoa mission house and church, Helen McLorinan
Acrylic, $1200
1020 x 1420 mm

When life gives you lemons, Brenda Cash, Mixed Media, $300
31 x 31 cm

Shadow Play, Derek Hughes
Photograph on metallic paper, $4567
950 x 1325mm

Aroha, Renate Verbrugge, Stone marble and andesite, $4350

Untitled, Fay Looney, Print on brushed aluminium, $1450
100 x 80 cm

Charlie's Chair, Andrea Nicholas, Oil, $650

Wave, Richard Landers, Laminated glass, $4800

Fetu'u (Star), Sopolemalama Filipe Tohi, Digital art work, $2000

Spirit Flute, Chris Wells, Mamaku ponga paint resin, $950

Reaching out, Charlotte Giblin, Arcylic, $3000
1016 x 1524 mm

Good Boy, Waldo, Acrylic, $3300

Whakatane High School Whare, Helen McLorinan
Indian ink and dye, $700
785 x 600mm

Moment of Truth, Dale Copeland, Assemblage, $1800

Lapita Ora, Ian Clothier, Clectronically cut perspex and swarovski crystals, POA
1200 x 1200 x 1200 mm

Mata, Rangi Kipa, Soild surface (yellow) resin inlay paua, $7150

Time, Anna Korver, Corten steel and acrylic paint, $9750 each

People at the shopping mall, Peter Lambert
Mixed media on board, $2200
1060 x 800 mm

Pine needles 07, Misun Kim
Korean traditional ink on HwaSunJi (rice paper), $1400
35 x 46 cm

Milk or lemon, Brenda Cash, mixed media, $420
61 x 31 cm

Double take (geisha 3, 4), Philip Jones, Aerosol and acrylic on ply board, $3000

Race for the Flannagen Cup, Tony Rumball, $7000
1530 x 1220 mm

Ranges, Lester Earl, Mixed media, $1050
36 x 24 cm

Wild Flower Light, Paul Burgham, stained glass and stone, $1150

Nothing's changed, Richard Landers, laminated glass, $3350

Deco Light, Paul Burgham, Stained glass, chromed brass, wood, $1250

A sea of arum lilies, Rhonda Crawford, Acrylic, $2300

Trochus Tapa, Jan Huijbers, Acrylic on canvas, 2400

Closer, Paul Hutchinson, Oil on board, $3500
650 x 920 mm

Counting down, Dale Copeland
Assemblage of found objects, $1400
30 x 19 x 9 cm


The cockeyed optimist and the inadequate navigator, Dale Copeland
Assemblage of found objects, $1400
60 x 26 cm

Komene Road towards the sea, Paul Hutchinson
Oil on board, $3500
59 x 60 cm

Eastward, Waldo, Acrylic, $3000

Sunover Creek, Tanya Blong, Acrylic on board framed, $1800
48 x 64 mm

Mad as, Tony Rumball, Oil on stretched canvas, $4700
1220 x 920mm

PSYOPS, Roger Morris, Ink on paper — woodblock print, $1000
1500 x 950mm

Wasp, Laurel Davis, Small sculpture made with ripped brass (recycled) solder paper copper, $300

Its only a matter of time, Wayne Morris
Mixed media and found materials $600

Tarawera, Maree Liddington, Tapestry weaving, $425


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