Eruption by Paul Burgham, cast concrete base, stained glass $1200; Fern, mosaic tile base, stained glass $1800;
Deco, wooden base, stained glass $800
"This evolved into joinery. I designed and built a range of woodwork from staircases to intricate jewellery boxes."

Paul developed a passion for stained glass windows which lead to lamps which he says has kept him occupied for the last 17 years. Water glass is a favourite medium

"I average two stained glass lights per year. It is a lengthy process by the time you design, break the glass, soak the wood, make bases."

The design and construction of lamps has to fit around Paul's other work, which includes commissions, repair jobs and working a few hours a week in the woodwork department at Stratford High.

Recently Paul finished a huge commission for the design, fabrication and installation of new stained-glass windows for the Mary Phelan chapel at New Plymouth Sacred Heart Girls' College. It took one and a half years to complete from conception stage.

He also worked on and laid mosaic tiles (4000 in two weeks) for the murals in the Eltham public toilets.

Paul's exhibition opens here at PTG on Friday 31 March at 7pm. All welcome.
Paul Burgham
Mosaic tile base, stained glass
Paul Burgham
Natural sonte, stained glass
Paul Burgham
Hebel block, stained glass
Paul Burgham
Jarrah base, stained glass, copper roof
Paul Burgham
Natural stone, stained glass
Glass artist Paul Burgham's love of nature is reflected in his work. Bright yellow kowhai, paua, fern, flax, and volcanoes feature in his lamps which take centre stage in his upcoming exhibition 'Illumination'.

Paul attributes this love of nature to his mother's teachings and the later influence of Art Nouveau, Art Deco and the Arts and Crafts Movement.

The exhibition, which opens here at Percy Thomson on Friday 31 March, has eight of Paul's contemporary lamps on show, impressive and imposing works, each of which have hours of work to complete.

Paul is an Eltham lad.

"I was born in the lovely old Mount View Hospital in Eltham. When I left school I completed an apprenticeship in draughting, then travelled and worked overseas, picking up many skills and techniques on the way."

Paul worked in restoration of historic buildings while in England and Germany.

While overseas he purchased his first SLR camera and is proficient in the technical and artistic facets of photography.

When he returned to New Zealand Paul continued down the path of restoration and conservation of old and historic buildings.

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