A selected exhibition of fashion and fibre art.

Taranaki Creative Fibre
Taranaki Creative Fibre

Fibreworks 2018
Taranaki Creative Fibre

Saturday 25 August – Sunday 16 September 2018

Taranaki Creative Fibre members are busy producing fine work to exhibit in their biennial exhibition opening at Percy Thomson Gallery on Saturday August 25.

The talented and innovative group covers a wide array of disciplines; spinners, weavers, knitters, dyers, flax workers, felters, crocheters, and free-form fibre artists. 

Many of the artists hold National awards and are experts in manipulating texture and form.

Each work will be judged and prizes awarded across several categories which range from design expertise to the use of colour and specific fibres such as silk, alpaca, flax, wool, linen and cotton including a recycled category.

There is also an award for a first-time entrant to encourage new members and another award for the most creative use of New Zealand design or materials, with particular reference to Taranaki.

Bright Spark
Janette Theobald
Felted throw in wool, silk & mohair.
$220 SOLD

Big L, Little L
William Hunt
Multi coloured knitted soft pillow (washable)

Knitted shawls: back by Claudia Lua, front by Debbie Dawson.

Bug House
Gayleen Schrider
Includes knitting, felting,crochet, handspun and hand dyed techniques

Silk Road VII
Sally Johnson
Felted with surface stitching

Jeanette Verster
Nuno felt

Daisy a Day
Viv Honnor
Handknitted socks

How Many Stripes
Debbie Dawson
Handknitted triangular shawl worked in different directions. Inspired by a Martina Behm pattern

Echo of the Mountain
Beth Pottinger-Hockings
Brown felted wall hanging with 3D branches/leaves, combined to echo the shape of Mount Taranaki. Natural wool

Inside Out
Annette Anderson
3D Hand felted sculpture. Multi coloured

Saori scarf
Isla Fabu
Botanical dyed, handspun and hand woven

Colour Wheel
Beth Pottinger-Hockings
Circular black felted wall hanging with coloured spokes coming from the centre

Oli’s Dress
Sherril Martin
Felted wallhanging on coat hanger


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