July 28 – August 20
'Waiting for the rain" painting by New Zealand artist Stuart Morris
'Waiting for the Rain' by Stuart Morris

Stuart Morris

Wayne Morris

Howard Tuffery

Tai Meuli

Barbara Nicholls

Tony Rumball

Joni Murphy

Susan Imhasly

Margaret Scott

Michaela Stoneman

Tracey Mather

Marianne Muggeridge

Donna-Marie Patterson

Carina McQueen

Amanda Hewlett

Dale Copeland

Paul Hutchinson

Gaye Atkinson

Fiona Clark

Jan Huijbers

Anna Korver


Alby Carter

Donna Hitchcock

Margaret Foley

Beth Pottinger-Hockings

Maree Burnnand

Roger Morris

Isla Fabu

Rhonda Bunyan

Anthea Stayt

Maree Liddington

Paul Burgham

Isaac Petersen

Claire Jensen

Jennifer Patterson

Bernice Mitchell

Steve Malloy

Kathryn Gates

Brain and Patti Cocker

Jan Pidwell

Kris White

Viv Davy

Derek Hughes

'Marama" etching by New Zealand artist Michaela Stoneman
'Marama' by Michaela Stoneman

etching, framed, $221

Painting by New Zealand artist Kris White
Adopt the Pace of Nature…the Sisters’ Secret of Patience by Kris White

Acryclic on canvas, $900

'Gods and Heroes' assemblage artwork by New Zealand artist Dale Copeland
'Gods and Heroes' by Dale Copeland


Detail of 'Baxter Galcier I' by New Zealand artist Donna-Marie Patterson
Detail, 'Baxter Galcier I' by Donna-Marie Patterson

'Moving Right Along' painting by New Zealand artist Tony Rumball
'Moving Right Along' by Tony Rumball


'Last Surf Fitzroy' painting by New Zealand artist Isaac Petersen
'Last Surf Fitzroy' by Isaac Petersen


'Father earth and children' photography by New Zealand photographer Rhonda Bunyan
'Father earth and children' by Rhonda Bunyan

Photograph, $680

'Koru I, II, III' by New Zealand artist Anthea Stayt
Koru I, II, III by Anthea Stayt

Terracotta clay L $175 M $150 S $135

'Apple Tree' painting by New Zealand artist Marianne Muggeridge
'Apple Tree' by Marianne Muggeridge

Oil on linen, $4500

'No Man's Land' painting by New Zealand artist Alby Carter
No Man's Land by Alby Carter

oil on canvas, $1600

'Fault Lines' mixed media art by New Zealand artist Gaye Atkinson
'Fault Lines' by Gaye Atkinson

Mixed Media on Canvas, $145

'From Oeo Road' painting by New Zealand artist Roger Morris
From Oeo Road by Roger Morris

oil on canvas,$2500

Artwork by New Zealand artist Maree Burnnand
'Fragments - What echo will you leave behind' by Maree Burnnand


'The imperfect pair' painting by New Zealand artist Carina McQueen
'The Imperfect Pair' by Carina Mcqueen


'Copper Red' pottery by New Zealand artist Barbara Nicholls
Copper Red, by Barbara Nicholls

Pottery, $250

'The Samoan Trochus' painting by New Zealand artist Jan Huijbers
The Samoan Trochus by Jan Huijbers

acrylic on canvas, $2450

'Black Thorn' sculpture by New Zealand artist Claire Jensen
'Black Thorn' by Claire Jensen


'Landscape Bowl' by New Zealand artist Howard Tuffery
'Landscape Bowl' by Howard Tuffery

Taranaki andesite stone, $3500

Painting by New Zealand artist Paul Hutchinson
Wooden Pepper Grinder with Two Old Bottles by Paul Hutchinson

oil on linen, $620

'Landform' sculpture by New Zealand artist Kathryn Gates
Landform by Kathryn Gates

stoneware and porcelain, $145

'Collapse of Known Reality' marble sculptures by New Zealand artist Anna Korver
Collapse of Known Reality by Anna Korver

corten steel and Italian black marble $8000

'Leaves Cannot Die III' mixed media sculpture by New Zealand artist Isla Fabu
Leaves Cannot Die III by Isla Fabu

Mixed media sculpture $365

'The Ripple Effect' sculpture by New Zealand artist Steve Molloy
The Ripple Effect by Steve Molloy

Coromandel granite, mild steel base $4300

'Dancing Waves' sculpture by New Zealand artist Tai Meuli
Dancing Waves by Tai Meuli

Taranaki andesite stone, on marble and wooden base $8000

'Whispering Gum Leaves' by textile artist Jennifer Patterson
Whispering Gum Leaves by Jennifer Patterson

eco dyed organza, $190


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