Winter is upon us, but this upcoming exhibition will warm the cockles of your heart. Moments is an exhibition by Taranaki Artists Michelle Rowland (Stratford) and Susie Harrop (Rahotu)—a charming and beautifully executed exhibition with quintessential Kiwi content, humour and the odd dab of pathos. 

There is a strong story–telling element in Susie's work. She paints what she knows, often depicting every day scenes and subjects, often with a rural flavour, which is not surprising as she lived most of her life close to the land. Susie is a retired coastal Taranaki farmer, whose studio is a redundant cowshed. She is a realist painter, meticulously capturing, in oil and acrylic, moments in time of people and places—showing everyday New Zealalnd life as it is and was, as well as portraying Māori legends painted from the heart.

Michelle Rowland is an accomplished Stratford artist with pastel as her preferred media. There is great depth to her work, bold colour and with articulate play of light and dark. Michelle is fascinated with colour and texture and also paints in a realistic style. Her work is mainly focused on the birds and animals in nature as well as portraits and landscapes reflecting her rural Taranaki home and surroundings. Michelle finds endless inspiration form her large well-estrablised garden. 
Michelle has been commissioned to paint many beloved pet portraits. Her ability to bring out the essence of special personality of animals is impressive.

These two artists are good friends (they've had the odd roadie with head-banging music) and love to utilise their art practice to capture a moment in time–a face, a scene or a feeling that captures the essence of the person, the animal or landscape.

The exhibition is open to the public from Saturday June 22 and closes Sunday 14 July at 3pm. 

First Light Wiremu Road, Susie Harrop, Oil—SOLD

Ian's Outlook, Susie Harrop, Acrylic—NFS

Max and the Team, Susie Harrop, Acrylic—NFS

Albert, Susie Harrop, Oil—NFS

Bill, Susie Harrop, Oil—NFS

Mt Taranaki from Waingongoro Road, Michelle Rowland, Oil
Inspired by Amy Taunt Photograph—NFS

Mt Taranaki Track, Michelle Rowland, Oil—$1200

The Shed, Susie Harrop, Oil—$5200
After photograph by Ans Westra

Rog n pot, Michelle Rowland, Oil—$1200

Distant Sunrise, Michelle Rowland, Oil—$1200
Inspired from a photograph by Amy Taunt

Day's End, Susie Harrop, Oil—SOLD

Hine Nui Te Po, Susie Harrop, Oil—$3500

Tena koe, Susie Harrop
After photograph by Ans Westra

Violet, Michelle Rowland, Pastel

Just Cruising, Susie Harrop, Acrylic—$950

The Farrier, Susie Harrop, Oil, $3900

NZR ab608 Crossing the Waignognoro Viaduct, Susie Harrop, Acrylic—$2400

Kataore, Susie Harrop—$3500

The Erua Stream, Susie Harrop, Oil—$4800


The Ruahine Range, Susie Harrop, Oil—$1800

Misty Morning Kairanga, Michelle Rowland, Oil—$500

Puke Ariki, Susie Harrop, Acrylic—$1800

The Picnic, Susie Harrop, Acrylic—$4200

Ringa Raupa, Susie Harrop
After phoptograph by Ans Westra

The fishermen, Susie Harrop
After Ans Westra Photograph


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