Toi o Taranaki ki te Tonga
South Taranaki Maori Arts Collective

September 18 – 11 October 2020

Curated by Gabrielle Belz

Ka puawai nga kowhai he tohu tena kua aroaromahana.
When the kowhai is in flower it’s a sign that Spring has come.

As the sun returns to warm the earth, and regrowth begins again, it seems to parallel our own activity as social interaction is loosened, and we pick up the strands of our lives again.  Spring looks forward to potential, and hope for the future as we re-engage. 

This is fourth exhibition in two years by the collective, presenting high-calibre work from Maori artists who reside in, or whakapapa to, Taranaki. 

Artists include:

Maria Brockhill

Barry Te Whatu
in collaboration with Haoro Hond 

Kim Kahu

Frances Stachl

Tracey Morgan

Ngahuia Wineera

Toni Ngati-Oliver

Monica Wilson

Muna Lee

Tui Whareaitu

Mako Jones

Jordan Quinnell

Dave Taylor


Rangi Kipa

Te-o-wai Ratahi

Tupuranga, Tracey Morgan, Iwi: Te Ātiawa, Ngāti Mutunga, Ngāti Tama
Harakeke, muka, synthetic cottons and dyes

I have always had a fascination with tāniko. Tupuranga pays homage to this customary artform handed down from our tupuna, to re-imagine ourselves into the present.


Te Marunui o Whiti
Barry Te Whatu and Haoro Hond
Iwi: Taranaki Tuturu, Ngapuhi

Acrylic on canvas

Artist statement: This painting is an extension of the collaboration between Haoro Hond and Barry Te Whatu’s exhibition ‘Puanga’ at Kina Gallery in New Plymouth, 2019. The main concept of the exhibition was to pay homage to those no longer in Te Ao Marama. Te Marunui o Whiti is the ancient pathway made by ‘Rauhoto Tapairu’ Rauhoto was reknown as the woman who guided Taranaki Maunga to the West Coast of the Nth Island after his battle with Tongariro Maunga. In Taranaki we also make reference to Te Marunui o Whiti as the pathway our loved ones take in their journey to find their place among the stars. This is their pathway to enlightenment, their pathway back to Hawaiki.


Te Ao me te Po
Muna Lee
Iwi:Te Ati Awa, Taranaki

Muka, harakeke, paru, commercial dye, fishing line.

Artist statement: Traditionally processed and constructed, within a contemporary


Wahine TOA
Muna Lee

Iwi:Te Ati Awa, Taranaki

Muka, harakeke, paru, commercial dyes, Kiekie

Artist statement: Traditionally processed and constructed, within a contemporary silhouette.


, Mako Jones, Iwi: Ngati Pahauwera
Kiekie,pingao, wood Tukutuku panels, Mohakaharara, Taupunga, Opunga NFS

Kaka Poria
Dave Taylor
Iwi: Taranaki, Te Ati Awa

Wheua Paora, tanekaha stain.

Dave Taylor
Iwi: Taranaki, Te Ati Awa

Cow bone

Rangi Kipa
Iwi: Te Ātiawa, Taranaki, Ngāti Tama ki te Tauihu

Whale bone

Kete Perspex Series I
Tracey Morgan
Iwi: Te Ātiawa, Ngāti Mutunga, Ngāti Tama

Pingao, muka, perspex
Kete Perspex Series II
Tracey Morgan

Pingao, muka, perspex

Monica Willson
Iwi: Tainui, Ngāti Maniapoto

Box framed/ archival grade paper

Kuia at Work
Monica Willson
Iwi: Tainui, Ngāti Maniapoto

Box framed/ archival grade paper

(front left to right) Charcoal Bowl, and Ceremonial Vessel, Maria Brockhill Iwi: Te Atiawa
Clay / glaze $295 and $500

Poi Tānako
Mako Jones
Iwi: Ngati Pahauwera

Muka and raurekau


Kakahu/kete whiri
Ngahuia Wineera
Iwi: Ngati Ruanui

Muka, metallic thread, Peacock feathers


Taniko Trio
Ngahuia Wineera
Iwi: Ngati Ruanui

Cotton thread


Hei Matau
Dave Taylor
Iwi: Taranaki, Te Ati Awa

Tanekaha rakau, pounamu, shell inlay. Muka, toroa feathers, tanekaha paru stain

Tiki Tangaroa
Dave Taylor
Iwi: Taranaki, Te Ati Awa

Wheua Paora, shell inlay

Manaia Mahanga
Dave Taylor
Iwi: Taranaki, Te Ati Awa

Cow bone, shell inlay

Matangaro II, and Matangaro III, Wharehokasmith, Iwi: Taranaki Tuturu, Te Atiawa, Ngaruahine Rangi
Acrylic on canvas. Created during 2020. $4225 each

Green bowl, Maria Brockhill, Iwi: Te Atiawa, Clay/glaze $295


Kōruru Series, Rangi Kipa, Iwi: Te Ātiawa, Taranaki, Ngāti Tama ki te Tauihu, Corian, NFS

Toni Ngatai-Olliver
Harakeke, synthetic dyes


Kim Kahu
Iwi: Ngāruahine

Harakeke, muka and synthetic dyes

Lone Weaver, Monica Willson Iwi: Tainui, Ngāti Maniapoto
Box framed/ archival grade paper $125

Te Tapuwae o Rangi
Collaboration Haoro Hond and Barry Te Whatu

Acrylic paint on Black Granite

A representation of those who have departed and are adorned as stars in the


Toki Poutangata
Dave Taylor
Iwi: Taranaki, Te Ati Awa

Rakau (pohutukawa), Pounamu (Inanga), Muka, shell inlay.

Reel Necklace
Francis Stachl
Iwi: Nga Puhi, Te Atiawa

Oxidised sterling silver

Waka kuri
Barry Te Whatu
Iwi: Taranaki Tuturu, Ngapuhi

Bowenite and Kanuka


Ka ranga te manu oriori
Gabrielle Belz
Iwi: Nga Puhi, Te Atiawa

Mixed media

The Mark of a Peacemaker Series, Jordan Quinnell, Iwi: Nga Ruahinerangi, Taranaki, Ngati Tuwharetoa
Digital Print – A3 (297x420mm) $70 each

Journey of Discovery
Vicky Taylor

September 19 – 11 October 2020

Gallery 2

Vicky Taylor spends hours burning wood to create striking artworks filled with depth, detail and emotion.

Pyrography means ‘writing with fire'. It is the art of decorating wood or other materials with burn marks resulting from the controlled application of a heated object such as a poker. It is also known as pokerwork or wood burning.

Many of Vicky’s first works were studies of animals which isn’t surprising as Vicky is a veterinarian. Bucket-loads of emotion was poured into these detailed works, often with eyes as mirrors of their sentient souls. 

A visit to a woodworkers' display was a turning point for Vicky. She was intrigued by burned patterns in some of the bowls.

“I sourced pyrography art online and was amazed that intricately detailed real life art could be achieved by burning on wood.

“Wood has an energy of its own and every piece is different. Every imperfection makes the piece special. Fire also gives the blackest of blacks and by using a light wood, this allows for high contrasts in my art pieces.

“I have had to train my hand to do motions that help reduce hesitation and undesirable blotches. I believe being a surgeon gave me a head start. My pieces take about 40-60 hours, but I am starting to experiment with time-saving techniques.

”The type and preparation of wood is the key to the art being more evenly burnt. Vicky’s favourite wood to burn is basswood as it is very light in colour, a soft wood that has tight fibres and very minimal sap. Other woods of choice are Baltic birch, poplar, and sycamore wood.

The title of Vicky’s solo exhibition is ‘Journey of Discovery’. Vicky’s love of pyrography and the resulting creativity has allowed her to come to terms with crippling bouts of depression.

‘I lose myself in my art and the process becomes mindful meditation that brings me into the present moment. It has got me through some pretty rough patches and I am thankful for that.’

Self Love, Vicky Taylor
Woodburning (pyrography) $890

We are all subject to wounds of the heart. Nourishment and healing of these begin with oneself. By giving love to ourselves, the heart then begins to heal and blossom.

Sing it loud, sing it proud, Vicky Taylor
Woodburning (pyrography) $550

Be proud of who you are,
and don’t be afraid to sing it out loud.

Hidden within, Vicky Taylor
Woodburning (pyrography) $2900

I am charming, sweet, fun, friendly, trusting and harmless. But in actual fact I am peering through my fake facade to size up my ‘prey’, and I will beguile them into a false sense of security while hiding my true nature and intention.

Self-worth buckets
, Vicky Taylor
Woodburning (pyrography) $2900

I gathered inspiration for this work from thoughts about tradition and what it meant to me. The path led me to think about the concept of inter-generational self-worth; how, if you feed a little praise, appreciation and values to your bucket, it can be filled. Filling up your bucket with your own self-worth causes it to overflow, the contents trickling down into future generations.

Ava’s story, 'what if?'—
Vicky Taylor, Woodburning (pyrography) $1400

This piece was greatly inspired by my 10-year-old daughter, Ava, who was preparing her Science Fair project about native birds. Ava wondered what might become of New Zealand’s native birds if people continued to build bigger and bigger cities and destroyed the birds' habitat. I was intrigued by her young mind’s perspective about conservation and what the future may hold, not just for wild life, but for us as ‘kiwis’ too. Would we ignore each other and each other’s needs? Would we all have to live in concrete jungles? Would we be forced into environments that don’t allow us to thrive?

Silent listening
Vicky Taylor
Woodburning (pyrography)

There are times when people dealing with a mental health condition are physically unable to verbally communicate their needs. Those close to that person, and their extended support group, can help by observing the person’s body language, which may reveal their need to have you ‘silently’ listen. This silent listening can make the person feel ‘safe’.

Silent listening can include:
– non-verbal affirmations
– not giving verbal judgement or advice
– providing for their obvious physical and mental needs.

Being in tune with, and observing, their behaviour can help provide important information to the extended support group and professional carers. That person can feel greatly supported knowing there are people who silently listen to them when they cannot communicate effectively about what they feel or what they are in need of.

In this work the male has no mouth and this symbolises is inability to physically speak for himself. However, there are supportive people surrounding him, listening and understanding his un-communicated needs.

Trapped within
, Vicky Taylor
Photographic print of original woodburning (pyrography) $120

Making over one’s exterior self, presenting to the world a fake facade,
while hiding inside a sense of entrapment with no sign of an escape

Unsung hero, Vicky Taylor
Woodburning (Pyrography) $890


Still, Vicky Taylor
Woodburning (pyrography) $990

Learn to sit back and watch

My mountain, my roots, Vicky Taylor, Woodburning (pyrography) $1320


Moving Forward, Vicky Taylor, Woodburning (pyrography) $490

This piece is expressing movement of life’s energy. Different energies enter our lives,
we need to choose which ones we leave behind in order to move forward.


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