A selected exhibition of fashion and fibre art.

Fibreworks 2018
Taranaki Creative Fibre

Friday 24 August – Sunday 16 September 2018

Taranaki Creative Fibre members are busy producing fine work to exhibit in their biennial exhibition opening at Percy Thomson Gallery on Saturday August 25.

The talented and innovative group covers a wide array of disciplines; spinners, weavers, knitters, dyers, flax workers, felters, crocheters, and free-form fibre artists. 

Many of the artists hold National awards and are experts in manipulating texture and form.

Each work will be judged and prizes awarded across several categories which range from design expertise to the use of colour and specific fibres such as silk, alpaca, flax, wool, linen and cotton including a recycled category.

There is also an award for a first-time entrant to encourage new members and another award for the most creative use of New Zealand design or materials, with particular reference to Taranaki.

The Adam Portraiture Award 2018

Friday 21 September – Sunday 14 October

New Zealand’s premier portrait prize on tour by New Zealand Portrait Gallery Te Pūkenga Whakaata. 

This biennial award is for painted portraits, of New Zealanders, by New Zealanders and presents a breadth of responses to identity, and representation.

This year's Guest Judge was Angus Trumble, Director of the National Portrait Gallert of Australia. 

The winner of the Adam Portraiture Award 2018 is Logan Moffat for his portrait Elam (pictured).

Friday 21 September – Sunday 14 October

"To exchange the quicksilver world of human intrigue for the reality of timeless change - an evolving dialogue with the living present, the shifting play of light and energy.

There's a heart-aching perfectness that ceaselessly flows through different transformations / combinations of form. Touched off by fleeting glimpses in the world, it gives rise to imagery in mind, a kind of living kaleidoscope of possibilities.

I've always loved making things, playing around with paint & wood & metal & hand-tools, unearthing little treasures perfect for a certain place or function other than their original purpose.

Inspired by such diverse artists & artisans as Dale Copeland, Scott Radke, Ralph Hotere, Joseph Cornell, Tanya Blong; by the exquisite colorations & behaviour & presence of birds; by the heartrendingly rich golds, fiery copper & bronze tones of decomposing vegetation; by the listening stillness in secluded pockets of my semi-wild garden...

The Bird pieces (construction, sculpture, assemblage??) are a simply delicious indulgence in fabrication and ornamentation, unexpected personalities emerging, the beautiful delicatestructure of bones, the whiff of 'ancient' cultures...

The grid paintings have become something of an obsession, each 'window' a profound immersion in the frequency, the 'life' of the colour {not to mention the delectable aroma of oilpaints & mediums} - thought flies out the window.

I hope these pieces give others the delight they give to me."


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