Stratford Art Society Members Exhibition November 2016

The Stratford Art Society has more than 150 members from throughout Taranaki and further afield with a vast range of skills and artistic styles. Their exhibitions include paintings, sculptures, photography, crafts, pottery, textiles and more. They have a large collection of work that resonates with a wide audience. The Stratford Art Society upholds a reputation for interesting and diverse work, featuring commendable skill sets. The exhibitions are organic in nature and a testament to the dynamic local art scene.
Tony Rumball, Quartet, oil, NFS
Jocelyn Barrett, Untouchable, photograph, $100
Sue Currie, Millie, acrylic, NFS
Donna Hitchcock, Miss Bouquet, mixed media, $80
Margaret Foley, The apartments, pottery, $75 each
Lorna Maxwell, Future Space, oil, $70
Dan Todd, Actually, mixed media, $300
Mike Capernerhurst, The Dog Walkers, mixed media ink, $300
Shelly Sorenson, The Road Less Travelled, acrylic, $400
Alan Collins, Everything stops for tea, watercolour, $725
Michelle Rowland, Bird Talk, pastel, $300
Jenny Bielawski, Blue Wind, watercolour, $150
Pat Brennan, Brotherhood, textile on jacket, Size L, $295
Kevin Bowen, Shania on Red Couch, ink, $180
Bernice Mitchell, Elegance Collar, Nuno Felt Silk/Merino, $65
Vicki Price, Shroomsville, mixed media, $85
Maree Liddington, Caitlins Coast, woven wool/cotten, $120
Katerina Smoldyreva, Master and Margarita, ceramic sculpture, $1500