Youth Show '16: Pole People

Guest exhibitors in the main youth show are students from the Special Needs Department of Stratford High School. They have made wonderful pole people and driftwood sculptures, as well as entering the Youth Challenge.
Stratford High School Special Needs Department student Bronwyn Francis with her pole person Swamp Queen.

by Amylee Hasler

Ranginui—Father Sky

by Abby Zehnder

Green Man
by Luke Bulman
(L–R) Little Miss Muffet, and Percy The Alien

by Aimee Takarei and Lawrie O'Connor

Red lady
by Roseanna Garlick
Hunting Man
by Jacob Bayley
Chase the Lab Rat
by Elias Gaudin
Sir Bluey

by Taine Taylor

by Corban Mitchell

Papatuanuku—Earth Mother

by Diana Yeates


by Nicole Darwinian

Swamp Queen

by Bronwyn Francis

We have stunning pieces from three school groups who took part in "Art and Artists Around the World". Thanks to the teachers who came on board with this. The gallery provided packs, made up by our Monique Dodunski, with a selected artist, famous artwork or art style for the children to study and interpret into their own masterpiece. We have fabulous versions of 'Maui and the Sun', Van Gogh's 'The Starry Night' and 'Pasifika'.
Van Gogh's 'A Starry Night' was inspiration for colourful, vibrant art by Room 7, St Joseph's School, Stratford.
Ella, from Room 2 at Toko School's fiery depiction of Ra, from Māui and the Sun.
Pasifika designs by students at Toko School