Blue Lies
Amanda Hewlett & Cathy Carter

2 – 25 March

'The wind is writing what it knows in lines upon the water’. 

What image does this statement evoke in the mind of the reader? How might it be represented visually? The ‘Blue Lies’ exhibition by Amanda Hewlett and Cathy Carter seeks to address those questions. Using a series of statements about water, Hewlett and Carter have independently created a series of works that express and offer their interpretation of what the writer had in mind. 

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Being Known
Jana Branca

2 – 25 March
Gallery 2

Jana explores the notion of ‘Being Known’ through a series of portraits. She is drawn to the tension of creating an impression of something or someone, whilst celebrating the mediums used as the ‘fabric’ of the impression – the paint, the brush and the canvas. Read more...


Supported by TSB Community Trust
Supported by TSB Community Trust

TSB Community Trust EMERGENCE Award for Young Taranaki Artists

29 March – 29 April 2018

Percy Thomson Gallery, Stratford, with the generous sponsorship of TSB Community Trust, is organising and mounting a Taranaki-based competition and exhibition for young emerging visual artists.


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